Gannett Peak is the tallest peak in Wyoming. Its hard rock face reaches up to 13,809 feet (4,209 m) above sea level. It straddles and separates the land between Fremont and Sublette counties along the Continental Divide in the Wind River Range.

So what's it like up there? Here are a few videos from folks that have braved the climb to the top for their own adventure, and to give the rest of us a view.


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    42:12 Into the Winds: A Hundred-Mile Traverse of Wyoming's Wind River Range Tim Seymour 8.4K views 7:28 Backpacking 37 mile-loop in the Wind River Range Elizabeth BARRY 15K views 11:35 Kitfox I FLY Project Kitfox Recommended for you 18:18 Phenom 300 WTF! Highest Performance Single Pilot Private Jet - Flight VLOG FlightChops Recommended for you 11:51 Gannett Peak WY 2017 Vitaliy Shkvarets 618 views Cirrus SR22 - Real Emergency Over the Ocean Inside a TFR Niko's Wings Recommended for you It's Complicated... Flying a Complex Plane for the First Time Friendly Skies Film Recommended for you VFR Flight of Chicago Lakefront turns into IFR 310 Pilot Recommended for you Fly Fishing in the Wind River Range Joe Frost 17K views Granite Peak, Montana. Day 3 of 3 - Summit day David Socky 6.2K views Gannett Peak, Wyoming James Maughan 462 views Tour of the Northern Wind River Mountain Range Part 1 Wyoming dugrowley26 1.9K views Crest of the Wind River Range - Green Lakes to Big Sandy backpacking by Dan Mccoy 24K views Backpacking and Rock Climbing in the Wind River Range, 9-12 August 2016 Floyd Hayes 291 views Glasair III Full Demonstration with Garmin G3X Dukepilot Recommended for you Climbing Gannett Peak, Glacier Trail, Wind River Range

    Recorded over 7 days of backpacking, camping, hiking. 55+ miles round-trip on Glacier Trail, Wind River Range. Made it to the summit of Gannett Peak.

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    Climbing Gannett Peak via the Pole Creek Trail

    A trip out to Wyoming for father and son and they climb Gannett Peak.

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    Gannett in a Day

    It is not easy, but it came be done in a day of the climbers are in great shape. That includes being used to the high altitude.

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    The 40/40 Episode18: Gannett Peak Ascent

    Students take the challenge.

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    Gannett Peak Climb 2009

    They began the climb at 2:30AM.

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