They nest in trees, rocks, grasslands and in abandoned homes and bars. Wyoming's owls come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be heard anywhere in the state, mostly late at night.

In the search for the many different kind of Wyoming owls lets turn to 5 of the best YouTube videos we can find from local experts and enthusiast.


  • 1

    Hunting Owl On The Ground

    The owl is less interested in the photographer than he is with the food he is trying to catch.

  • 2

    Wyoming Great Horned Owl

    Proud, majestic, sleeping. At least it's trying to. Watch it clean its talons.

  • 3

    Grew Owl In Jackson

    This guy has the best camera equipment to catch every movement.

  • 4

    Pygmy Owl.

    A very small owl. She saw him at night. She was pleasantly surprised to get a good video of him during the day.

  • 5

    Long Eared Calling.

    It calls from the rock with a noise that is wonderfully unique. It almost sounds like a small dog barking.

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