Have you ever walked by a sign and asked, "what's the point of that?" It might even make you angry when you realize that you paid for the sign.

Two signs come to mind on the Cheyenne Wyoming Greenway. Along an obvious hill, is a warning sign for bikers that confirms they are in fact on a hill. It's not like the hill is a surprise. Even a kid on training wheels could see that there is a hill and he would know what to do.

The cost can of all the ever important 'life saving' notes to the public is anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars each. Then add the cost of the pole and the cement that anchors it, plus the cost of labor to install. The larger the sign the larger the cost.

Searching the nation for useless signs you can find the bizarre 'Side Walk Ends' sign that is placed where, obviously, the sidewalk comes to an end. Any fool can see it but somehow city officials seem to think there needs to be a sign. 

How about the 'No Sign Allowed' sign. That costs the taxpayers a couple of hundred bucks.

Sometimes we get what they are trying to say but they just said it wrong. Example: 'Water On Road When Raining.' We DUH! But we know they mean that the road can flood or become covered enough to cause hydroplaning.

All of these signs state the obvious. If there is someone who does not see the obvious then let them to their fate. A good example is the sign near the prison that reads 'Correctional Facility Area. Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers.' If people are dumb enough to pick up a hitchhiker near a prison they deserve everything that is about to happen to them.

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