A mother and daughter team have returned to CFD with two new books they have written in a series of stories about the adventures of, Rusty The Ranch Horse.

Mary Fichtner, the mom, writes the stories. Her daughter, Roz Fichtner, illustrates the books.

The stories teach important life lessons to kids.

Make sure to get your picture taken with the stars. Rusty, the Ranch Horse, is sweet to everyone he meets. He loves to poke folks with his nose and receive a head rub and neck rub. Kids can't get enough.

Each book can be autographed by Rusty. No kidding.

Kids can also get a stuffed Rusty doll. Each one is hand made by a little girl.

This year rusty is joined by Thunder, the tiniest little war horse ever, to teach children that, in life, size is not as important as you might think it is.

Visit them on FaceBook to learn more and see what Rusty has been up to lately.

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