Wyoming's population is so small the state is often called "a small town with long streets." Wyoming claims the town with the smallest population, which may change soon. But the state is still one of the least densely populated, ranking second. Only Alaska is considered more sparse.

Vermont and Maine actually have the number of most small towns. But Wyoming still has a nice hold on "small town America"

But here in the Cowboy state, something has changed. A couple of our tiniest towns have more than doubled their population. That still isn't saying much but it changed the record book.

The smallest town in America is Buford, no renamed PhinDeli after it was sold, has a population of just 1. But that is not the only town with an official population of just 1. Rumour is that they have doubled in size, but it is still officially listed as population 1. So is that the smallest town in America?

The honor of smallest town is also tied with Bonanza, Colorado and Monowi, Nebraska, each claiming a population of just 1.

Nevada tries to claim that their town of Jean is smaller, with a population of 0.  They claim that Jean is a post office that has been incorporated into a town, but no one actually lives in the city limits. But if there is no one there then is there a town?

Wyoming still has a quite a few small towns for a single state if you count populations of 15 and under. It is one of the most rural in the nation with more than 50 percent of the population living in small towns. Some of our smallest include the following:

PhinDeli Wyoming- Population 1. (maybe 2 now?)

Lost Springs- which also had a population of 1 now has a population of 4. Talk about a boom.

Van Tassell-population 15.

Aladan- population 15.


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