Due to continued runway project delays, commercial flights in and out of Cheyenne won't resume by Labor Day weekend as hoped.

The airport's original goal was to have the runway back open before Cheyenne Frontier Days, but wet spring weather, cement shortages and construction delays have set the project back.

"Construction issues from our contractor, especially with concrete paving, have made those deadlines impossible to meet," the airport posted on Facebook.

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"The community has supported us in many ways, but right now we can't predict when the contractors will finish the project," the airport added.

The runway project is part of an approximately $60 million investment project coming to Cheyenne, almost entirely from federal sources.

The project includes full-depth pavement replacement, lighting enhancements, repairs and other improvements.

"The runway has served the airport well for over 50 years, which is longer than most, but the upgrades were and are necessary," said the airport.

"We hope the work will allow us to someday provide multiple destinations from Cheyenne on modern jets," the airport added.

As for C-130 operations, the airport says it's working closely with the Wyoming Air National Guard to mitigate and minimize impacts.

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