Cheyenne Ward III city councilman Rocky Case announced on Sunday that he is running for reelection to the council.

Case, who has been a vocal critic of Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr, said in his announcement that he has frequently been asked whether he is running for mayor of the city. He addressed those questions by saying simply "I am not running for mayor." Orr announced last week that she is running for another term in office.

So far Patrick Collins and Rick Coppinger have also announced campaigns for Mayor of Cheyenne.

On his ''Rocky Case City Council Ward III" Facebook page, Case posted the following comments about what he sees as ''big issues" in the race:

''Big issues, helping our firefighters...sad that negotiations can continue but won't, East Lincolnway...another fatal accident today. This mess can be fixed. And the budget. Quit spending like drunken sailors."


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