Several weeks ago Cheyenne opened it's new airport terminal to the public for free tours. I arrived early to record video and interview airport staff.

I asked Tim Barth, the airport director, if I could have a ride on the luggage conveyor. He worried that he might get in trouble if he let me.

In the weeks that followed I watched a video of Cheyenne's Mayor Orr taking a ride. Then another event took place and there was a video on the internet of about a dozen people all riding at once. Later I heard that a young reporter from a local TV station got a ride for a story she was doing on the new terminal. None of them has asked for a ride. They were invited.

Being a loud mouth talk host I let loose with days worth or on air complaints about how I felt about being told no, while everyone else was offered a ride.

When a press conference was called just one week before the official terminal opening I decided to go. You better believe I had a few questions for Mr. Barth.

He saw me as I arrived and walked right up to me, looking a bit excited. "Fine, fine. You can have a ride. Just shut up about it already," he said. Someone else who worked there told me that Mayor Orr had pleaded with them to let me have a ride, just to finally get me to stop talking about it.

Well, I may not have been first, but I got my ride.

I'll shut up now.

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