It's not a campsite for the average camper. You need to be someone who really wants to get away from it all. If you are, you'll lave Lake Seminoe in Wyoming.

If you are in the southern part of the state take I-80 to the town of Sinclair. Take CCR351, also known as Seminoe Rd, North.

The landscape on Seminoe Rd is constantly changing and forever amazing.

Camping will requite a state pass. For those who don't already have you they can be picked up at a pay box upon entering the campsites. There are not any water pumps, but clean outhouses and pavilion covered camp sites are easy to find. Finding a good site is first come first serve.

If you do forget something then you can drive just a few miles South to the Seminoe Boat Club where you'll find a very friendly and helpful staff at Don's Fishbone Cafe. The collection of little houses in the area is really just a place for the few people who wanted a more permanent presence on the lake.

You'll find boat ramps, beaches, good fishing, and don't forget to stay up late to see all of those stars.

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