Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says that while Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is ''rock solid," she's not sure where rival candidate Donald Trump is on a lot of issues.

Rep. Lummis says that while Cruz "makes establishment people really nervous" she has no doubt that if elected president he would pursue a conservative Republican agenda that she could support.

She says by comparison Trump, who is leading in national polls for the GOP nomination, hasn't clearly laid out a policy on a number of issues. She says that includes such things as whether he would roll back President Obama's recently announced moratorium on issuing new coal leases on federal land.

She says she has no doubt that if elected president, Cruz would cancel the moratorium almost immediately.

The Wyoming congresswoman also says many Trump supporters "will be voting with their  hearts instead of their heads," adding she wants to know more about his policy stands on a variety of issues, including environmental regulation policy.

She adds that  if Trump is elected president and follows the lead of House Speaker Paul Ryan and defers to his stand on important issues ''a Trump presidency could be a really good thing."

Lummis has endorsed Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky for the presidential nomination, but says she could easily support Cruz if he is the nominee.

Paul is languishing in the low single digits in most Republican presidential polls, while Trump and Cruz--in that order-- are widely considered the GOP frontrunners.