There are many tough and stressful parts of moving to a new area and in Wyoming, registering your vehicle is much easier than expected.

Your boxes are packed, the truck is loaded and you're on your way. Moves are stressful because there are so many moving parts involved. You have to find a new place to live, get the utilities put into your name, change your address with the post office, find new doctors, super shop for all your household needs and FINALLY register your vehicle with the state.

In Natrona County the process of registering your vehicle looks more difficult than it really is. If you have all of your of your proper paperwork, you can be finished in about an hour (wait time not included).

The process is really Easy.

Step 1: Start by stopping by a law enforcement facility (Casper PD) and have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) inspection done. There are special parking spots dedicated to the inspection, (identified by a white sign with green letters). Take your current state registration, proper identification (drivers license) and $10 inside. Someone will come out and make sure your VIN matches your registration and you're on your way to Step 2... 201 N David St (bottom floor)

Step 2: is going to get your title switched over at the Natrona County county clerk's office on the first floor. They are very kind and the process is easy as long as you have your current vehicle title. $15 is what it will cost you for the new title. Office of the County Clerk 200 N. Center Suite 19

Step 3: you'll visit the county treasurer for plates just down the hall to register your vehicle and get your Wyoming Cowboy license plates. (that's the exciting part of the process) 200 N. Center Suite B32 

Be kind to all the employees, have the correct paperwork and it will go smoothly for you. (that's the energizing part of the proces)

Getting your drivers license...stay tuned, that's coming soon.

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