Wyoming has some really stupid laws. That's not to say that every state doesn't because they certainly do. But some are extremely dumb and much more bizarre than others. The widely popular publication 'Reader's Digest' picked out one for Wyoming that is pretty dumb. Let's see if you agree.

'Reader's Digest', of course, picked out the dumbest law in every state. I mean, they're really dumb. For instance, here's a few examples in these particular states:

  • Arkansas: It's prohibited to pronounce the state name incorrectly. So now one be saying Ar-kan-sass. That 's' at the end is silent. It's Ar-kan-saw. And yes, it's illegal to get it wrong.
  • Connecticut: Pickles cannot be sold unless they 'bounce'. I've never really heard of anyone attempting to bounce a pickle, but apparently it needs to happen in Connecticut. This became a law in 1948 when some fraudulent pickle sellers were caught selling pickles 'unfit for consumption'.
  • Iowa: Don't try to fake your butter there! So margarine, oleo, or oleomargarine cannot be passed off as REAL butter. It's an actual misdemeanor punishable up to 30 days in jail and a $625 fine.
  • Maryland: You can't swear while driving in the city of Rockville, MD. It's a good idea to contain the road rage there because if not, you're definitely going to paying for it, literally.
  • Oklahoma: There's no bear wrestling in Oklahoma. So that whole scene in the movie, 'The Revenant', when Leonardo DiCaprio was fighting the bear, was completely illegal. What was Leo thinking? Of course, if you're fighting a bear, I think the legalities of it all are the least of your concerns.

As for Wyoming's dumbest law:

Reader's Digest Calls This Wyoming's Dumbest Law

There it is, Wyoming! Think twice before you drunkenly purchase something from someone that's hammered! And try not to break any of Wyoming's other really stupid laws too. Just behave.

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