Monday afternoon saw the wind blowing garbage cans from yard to yard across the plains states. Out on the western end of South Dakota, there's more than just garbage cans blowing around, a nasty wildfire is as of 11:00 AM local time was threatening parts of the western edge of Rapid City.

Reports are coming in that officials are evacuating parts of the western edge of the city as I write this. The National Weather Service tweeted just minutes ago:

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The City of Rapid City posted this tweet on their Twitter feed.

We also saw on Twitter that Governor Kristi Noem is on her way to Rapid City right now. According to Black Hills;

Crews reported that the fire is actively burning between two homes in the Westberry Trails area. The fire is four miles west of Rapid City on Schroeder Road.

The Rapid City Fire Department said that the Pinedale Heights and West Camp Rapid could possibly be next to evacuate. The fire is spreading, so RCFD wants residents to be ready to evacuate.

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