From schools and large companies, to individuals and entire communities, Wyoming folks are encouraging a culture of kindness with Random Acts Of Kindness Week through February 18th. The group "Kindness Wyoming" launched the state initiative which includes a signed proclamation from Governor Matt Mead, and Wyoming State Superintendent Jillian Balow encouraging schools to find a way to join the effort.

The organizers say scientific studies show that being kind can have tangible health effects, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping with better sleep. The acts of kindness can also help with what Chris Murray of Kindness Wyoming calls "the body and soul effects." "It just makes you feel good," he says, "and when you feel good that makes you want to do more kind things."

Sagewood Elementary School in Casper, for example, is using "Kindness Bingo Cards" that encourage actions such as smiling at ten people or finding something in common with a classmate. A "Kindness Box" for your office or classroom is another suggestion. Encourage your employees to share the kindness you gave or received on slips of paper, drop them in the box, and read about the great things that happened at the end of the week.

They would also like you to share your kindness stories on their website, Kindness, and their Facebook page, where you can keep track of what others are doing. You can use the hashtag #kindnesswyoming.

So smile at a neighbor, give a compliment, or just surprise someone with cookies. From great to small, it is good to be kind. You can find ideas on how to get involved HERE.

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