"There certainly have been talks today about extending the April 30 deadline throughout the month of May," Orr said during her Facebook Live update Monday evening.

"That is not for me to decide, that's up for the health experts to decide," she added. "But that is a possibility because, again, the more we can distance in the short term, for the long term we're going to be better off."

Gov. Mark Gordon confirmed Friday that the orders would remain in place through April 30, and said state officials were working on a phased recovery plan to be released this week.

But Orr says that doesn't mean everything will open back up on May 1.

"We have been told, and we have seen it from other countries, and our governor agrees, Fauci agrees, everybody agrees nationally that you just don't open the flood gates when it's time to return," she said. "We have to do this very systematically."

"What that has looked like in other areas is, yes, the restaurants open up, but every other table is available, you don't necessarily get to pack everything in. I've also seen in some communities where they have restricted hours," added Orr. "We're going to have to really rely on the healthcare experts to walk us through that."


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