Driving in Cheyenne during Cheyenne Frontier Days certainly has its challenges.

Things like motorists driving the wrong way on one--way streets, people jumping in and out of lanes without using a turn signal, and over-aggressive red-light runners are not unusual.

Then there is the other extreme--motorists who stop at every single intersection, even when there is no traffic and no stop sign. People who are lost, and seemingly stop in the middle of traffic for no reason to think things over.

But do you think there are drivers from one particular state who are especially annoying and/or dangerous?

How about out-of-towners from Texas or California? Or people with green license plates from a state directly south of Wyoming?

Or....maybe, just maybe... people from right here in Cheyenne are the worst of all, despite being on familiar ground?

Take our survey and give us your opinion.

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Postcards have been a thing since the mid-1800s. Sending pictures and short messages on card-stock paper to friends and families really took off in the first half of the 20th century. While not quite as popular today, they still exist, and collecting postcards even has a special name, Deltiology.

Postcards were made for a lot of things, like vacation destinations and events. Cheyenne Frontier Days was the source of many. On the auction site eBay we found a lot of vintage postcards with fascinating pictures of Cheyenne and the Daddy of 'Em All.

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