There seems to be an ongoing national debate these days about Critical Race Theory and whether it should be part of the K-12 curriculum in American schools.

Supporters say it offers an honest view of American history, including a realistic assessment of the role of racism in the nation since its earliest days. Many supporters say that for too long, U.S. history has been whitewashed of any negative chapters. They argue that while history is sometimes ugly, it's important to get to the truth, unpleasant though it may be in some cases.

But opponents, including Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow, say CRT is often Anti-American and more interested in serving political narratives than educating students. They say the classroom is no place for indoctrinating kids with ''trendy political ideas" that seem more oriented toward fostering hatred of the country than teaching legitimate history.

At least seven states have banned the teaching of critical race theory. Twenty more are either considering doing so or are expected to consider it.

Should it be taught in Wyoming schools? Or are you content to leave that decision up to your local school board and Wyoming teachers?

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