Cheyenne police say there's no truth to several rumors about threats to East High School.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the rumor began about ten days ago when a student reported threats that were supposedly on Snapchat.

"Officers investigated and found that what it was was simply a rumor, there was no threat made," said Malatesta. "With the recent events in Florida yesterday it reminded some people of that and those rumors began to flow again."

"We are investigating anything that comes to us seriously of course, but everything that we have found so far is simply people talking about hearing it third-hand," he added.

Malatesta says the department has placed additional officers at the school to reassure everyone that they're safe.

"We have a very high and visible presence at the school right now, but it's more for reassurance, it's not out of action against a particular threat or anything like that," said Malatesta.

Police are asking any student who sees a threat on social media or who hears someone making a concerning statement to tell their school resource officer or contact Safe2Tell (844-WYO-SAFE) so officers can investigate.

They're also asking people to avoid spreading misinformation and rumors because it makes their job of assessing viable threats more difficult.

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