It was bad enough when someone took out the only gas station in the small town of Chugwater Wyoming, population 212. Those poor folks spent a couple of years driving 80 miles round trip just to get gas before the station was replaced.

Then there is the story of the Rozet Wyoming post office being taken out by a young lady who was just learning to drive. She accidentally hit the gas peddle when she meant to hit the break. Rozet has a population of just 1049.

Both these Wyoming towns have some of the nicest people you will ever meet. But the world passed them buy when the interstates bypassed their main street.

That leaves a bunch of old, crumbling, homes and empty businesses that will some day finally fall over under their own weight if they are not pushed by stiff Wyoming wind.

There are several other stories of important buildings in Wyoming small towns getting plowed by cars or trucks, which leads me to this point:

If you are going to take out a building in a small Wyoming town, and most Wyoming towns are very small, could you please aim for something that the town folks would like to see plowed under?

Most of these hamlets only have 2 or 3 important buildings, like a gas station or post office. Please do not aim for them. If you demolish on the their few places of employment you will crash half the town's economy.

The town's people might just thank you for busting through some eye sore. They probably won't even call the cops.

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