Are you taking a summer trip across Wyoming?  The Wyoming Arts Council has created a list of Road Trip Music that is perfect for where you are traveling too.
The artists are all local and are featured in the 2017 Summer Road trip playlist.

It does not matter what your taste in music is. There is something for everyone. Each artist or band is from a different part of Wyoming so the music spans the state.
Artists and tracks include:
1. Canyon Kids, “Out Where the West Begins” and “Valley of the Snake”
2. Dave Munsick, “Forever West” and “Little Brown Filly”
3. Luke Bell, “Glory and Grace” and “Working Man’s Dream
4. The Two Tracks, “Wild Wyoming” and “Wayfaring Stranger”
5. Whippoorwill, “Good to Be Around”
6. The Patti Fiasco, “Small Town Lights”
7. Gary Small and the Coyote Bros., “Snaggle Tooth Jackalope” and “Redneck Swingin'
8. Screen Door Porch, “The Canyon” and “Drifter”
9. Taylor Scott Band, “Spirit Moves” and “Spiritual Famine”
10. Jalan Crossland, “Big Horn Mountain” and “Moonshiner”

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