These Wyoming fires are horrible. But watching the firefighters at work is exciting.

If you have never had the chance to see planes and choppers drop down to a lake or pod and scoop water for the fight, here are a few videos of what you have been missing.

These folks are the best pilots out there. It really is an impressive sight.


  • 1

    Rosevelt Fire Small Drop Planes

    These mighty little planes are quick and maneuverable.

  • 2

    Super Scoopers Near Cody

    At the lake near the Buffalo Bill Ranch

  • 3

    Another Cody View

    Ignore the spider at the beginning of the video. I have no idea why that is there.

  • 4

    Helicopter Lake Lodge Lander

    A big hose makes it short work.

  • 5

    Pond Near Gillette

    I shot this video myself a few years ago along with Tim Madese (Tim From Tampa).

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