Flying today is easier than it has ever been. Shooting quality video while flying has improved greatly as well. 1+1= awesome.

Here are 5 fun videos from private pilots shot over Wyoming.


  • 1

    Flying Over Wyoming

    A helicopter pilot explores a river from above.

  • 2

    Flying over Central Wyoming

    Wind River Mountain Range visible in the distance. Wind River Canyon on the right(North)

  • 3

    Cessna 310 landing at Cody Wyoming

    Cessna 310 makes a noisy landing at Cody, Wyoming on Aug. 2008.

  • 4

    Scenic Flight Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    Scenic flight over Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Teton Mountain Range in a top wing Cessna 172.

  • 5

    Glastar GS-1 Flying over Wyoming

    The Glastar GS-1 is a small, two-seat, top wing, homebuilt airplane. This particular little plane actually flew all the way from Chicago, IL to American Falls, ID (C09-U01) Somewhere over Wyoming just west of the Rattlesnake Hills pilot shot this video.

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