With just under two weeks left until the start of the 2018  session of the Wyoming Legislature, over 120 bills had been filed for consideration as of Tuesday morning.

At last count that included 67 bills in the state House, including three joint resolutions. Another 54 bills had been filed in the Wyoming Senate.

Since the 2018 session is a budget session, all non-budget items need a 2/3 majority vote for an introduction.

The session is slated to convene on Feb. 12 in Cheyenne, and the deadline to file bills for the session is noon on February 14.

Besides budget items, bill topics include ''Pornography as a public health crisis" (House Joint Resolution 1), marijuana edibles (House Bill16 and Senate File 23), child custody (Senate File 20),  changes in the state's domestic violence laws (Senate File 19), and a proposal to keep Wyoming on daylight saving time all year long (House Bill 45).

Other bills focus on everything from a proposal to reduce most speeding fines to a variety of budget issues.

The 20-day budget session is slated to wrap up by March 14 at the latest. You can see the tentative schedule for the session here.

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