Watch the video above and see if you can tell -- Is this opossum just a jerk, or maybe he thinks practical jokes like this are funny. Then again maybe this skunk sprayed him a while back and the opossum is getting revenge. It could just be that the skunk stinks and the opossum figured it was about time somebody made him take a bath.

Whatever the reason, this opossum walked up behind the skunk and shoved him into the pond, then just walked off. Watch as the skunk climbs out of the water a bit confused as to what just happened.

The video won a trail cam award. Who knew there were contests like that? Well, there are. Other successful entries to the 2020 Trail Camera Video Contest include a deer sending out plumes of water vapor as it breathes in the cold air, a bobcat hot on the tail of a squirrel and a wild turkey putting on quite a show. (IFL Science). 

Imagine the excitement of the owner of the trail cam when he saw this gem.

“Some possums just want to watch the world burn,” wrote YouTube user Arielle beneath the winning video.

WAIT - I had not thought of that. What if this possum was like the Joker in that Batman movie? The Joker didn't want anything. Not money. Not power. He just wanted to watch it all burn.

I'll let you decide why the possum did what he did. As for me, after thinking about it, I'll go with the Joker theory. You can watch that theory being explained to Batman in the bonus video below:

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