A huge majority of people responding to a Townsquare Media of Cheyenne poll over the past week say "good old boy" politics run Wyoming.

While the poll was not a scientific sampling of public opinion, 504 out of 607 people taking the poll represents an overwhelming majority agreeing with the premise of the question.

That works out to 84 percent of those responding saying "good old boy" politics dominate the Cowboy State, with 9 percent disagreeing with that idea. Nine percent of poll respondents said it wasn't true, five percent said they weren't sure, and two percent said that used to be true but is no longer the case.

The poll was prompted by recent comments on Twitter by Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr saying the recent firing of UW President Laurie Nichols "smells of good old boy politics."

Many of the Facebook comments about the online poll backed up the survey results, with people leaving comments such as "duh" and ''Do we really need a poll to tell us this?"

Not everyone commenting on Facebook was unhappy about the idea that good old boys run the state, with some posting comments that it is a good thing or that anyone who is unhappy about the state's leadership should move away. But other Facebook commenters disagreed, saying the situation holds Wyoming back economically and politically

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