The Colorado Legislature recently approved a ban on plastic bags and styrofoam containers.

While the law will be phased in over the next few years and will include some exemptions, it's the latest in a series of state laws that target plastic bags. Fort Collins already has a ban on plastic bags in large grocery stores in place. That ban was approved by voters in April, according to the City of Fort Collins website.

According to the website, the Fort Collins law includes the following provisions:

''Disposable Bag Ordinance States:

  • Ban on the distribution of single-use plastic bags and fee on paper bags, applicable to large retail grocers.
  • Ban plastic bags and charge a $0.12 fee on paper bags at large grocers
  • Split fee revenue 50:50 between the grocer and the City
  • Ban and fee to commence May 1, 2022
  • Provides $87,500 in funding to support the initial 2021 roll-out of the Disposable Bag Ordinance and the Waste Reduction Program, including outreach and engagement and making free reusable bags available to the community.
  • Requires monitoring and annual reporting to Council on equity impacts.''

In general, supporters of bag bans argue the bags are bad for the environment, and even for humans. That is because particles of the bags work their way into the food chain and eventually even into our bodies.

But opponents of bag bans say the problem is being exaggerated, and argue that banning plastics is not realistic anyway. Some opponents also say they have an issue with the "nanny state" trying to dictate to adults what should be a personal decision.

So what do you think? Is it time for Wyoming to ban plastic bags? Take our poll and give us your opinion.

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