The Wyoming Department of Health is urging Wyoming residents over the age of six to get the latest COVID-19 shot.

In a Tuesday news release, the WDH quotes state epidemiologist Dr. Alexia Harrist as saying “The newly available COVID-19 vaccine versions have been updated. Even if you’ve previously been vaccinated or ill with COVID-19 they can boost your protection from the more recent versions of the virus.”

The department says the updated vaccine is being distributed to healthcare providers across the Cowboy State.

Needless to say, not everyone is on board with that. There has long been skepticism among many in Wyoming about the effectiveness and safety of the shots. According to the website, at last report about 59 percent of state residents had gotten at least one COVID shot, and 52 percent were considered "fully vaccinated."

While those numbers may constitute an overall majority of state residents, they are among the lowest vaccination rates in the country. In fact, The federal Centers for Disease Control, citing that same 52 percent figure for people considered "fully vaccinated," says Wyoming has the lowest percentage in the country in that category.

Judging from social media comments, there is also a certain public fatigue with the whole subject of COVID-19, even among people who are not necessarily skeptical of the shots. A lot of people are just ''over it," rightly or wrongly. Some are just not fans of having to continue to get shots for the foreseeable future and think it's time to "move on."

Vaccination proponents say that while people may be tired of the whole subject, the virus still poses a significant public health threat and people need to continue to protect themselves.

So what do you think? Do you plan to get the updated COVID-19 shots? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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