Wyoming voters will go to the polls in 2024 to vote for various local, state, and federal offices.

For local and state offices (other than school boards) the deadline for candidates to file is at the end of this month. Wyoming's primary election is in August and the 2024 General Election is November 5.

So now is a good time to ask what issue you think Wyoming voters should be most concerned about.

If the last session of the legislature was any indication, high property taxes are a big concern for many state residents. While lawmakers did take some action on the issue, Governor Mark Gordon vetoed one bill and some feel that more needs to be done. Is that your top concern?

Another high-profile bill that was vetoed by the governor would have done away with most gun-free zones in Wyoming. Many gun rights advocates also feel that the Second Amendment is constantly threatened at the federal level. Are gun rights your top priority?

Housing remains a big issue in Wyoming, especially in communities such as Cheyenne, where finding a place to live can be a real challenge. It also impacts economic development efforts, because companies don't want to locate in a community where employees can't find a place to live.

Many state residents think it's time for Wyoming to legalize cannabis. They point to the tax revenues being raised in places like Colorado, and they say like it or not, Wyoming money is going to states with legal weed. But others say pot is a dangerous drug and that legalization would bring increased crime and other issues.

There are many other issues too numerous to list here. That is why our poll has the option to write in your top issue if it isn't one of the choices in our poll.

So what is your top issue in local and state elections in Wyoming in 2024?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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