It's something we see more and more of when we go shopping: automated self-checkout.

It seems like more and more retail outlets are emphasizing self-checkout these days. In most cases, a few human clerks are still available for those with a strong preference for dealing with a natural person when they pay for merchandise. But sometimes you may deal with longer lines if that is your choice, as fewer and fewer human beings are available when it comes time to pay for merchandise.

The problems some stores have in hiring employees these days only accelerate the trend.

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Judging from commentary on social media, not everyone is happy about the increasing prevalence of self-checkout. Memes complaining about the practice are rampant, as are negative comments about automated checkout. Comments often include complaints about putting cashiers out of work and demands for lower prices if customers are forced to do a task that normally was taken care of by store employees.

So How do you feel about checking yourself out? Those who don't mind the automated systems say they are fast and easier, often featuring shorter lines. But those who dislike automation don't think they are more convenient or necessarily faster. Plus, they say, it's nice to have an actual person to talk to if you have a question.

So what do you think? Take our poll and give us your opinion!


Online Poll: Are You OK With Self Checkout In Stores?

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