Laramie County School District #2 is asking parents about whether to keep a four day school week.

The district implemented a four-day schedule in 2015-2016, but the Wyoming Department of Education requires the district to renew the plan every couple of years. Supporters of a four-day school week say that it gives teachers more flexibility in their schedules, increases attendance, helps save money, and makes recruiting teachers and other employees easier.

But opponents say that real-world studies show the four day week really doesn't save money, especially since most schools on the schedule are actually open for an optional fifth day for student activities and tutoring.

They also argue that the shorter week puts a burden on working families who must find child care for Fridays, and they say three days out of class tends to interrupt learning.

So what do you think? Should all Wyoming schools go to a four-day school week? We'll publish the results of our poll on Monday, Jan. 11

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