A wreck near Cheyenne on Westbound Interstate 80, mile marker 361 held up traffic for a while. Two trucks collided and blocked both lanes. From the looks of the trucks, one might think that no one had survived. But the drivers were okay.

White knuckle driving is typical on I-80. In comparison, that highway is nowhere near the worst America has to offer.

One of the most dangerous two-lane highways in the United States is located in Wyoming

Federal, state and local governmental agencies have collected data across the United States, and found that Wyoming is consistently listed near the top.

Highway 287 passes between some difficult terrain, including Medicine Bow and the Laramie Mountains. There is often bad weather and blind turns and hills. 287 is narrow in places and at times cannot be cleared by snow plows. Sudden winter snow drifts have lead to wrecks that are not discovered until long after they have happened.

Because it is so far removed from civilization, many wrecks are caused by drivers who see the lack of police patrols as an opportunity to speed. That leads to miscalculations and wrecks.

Get a flat on 287 and you'll have a tough time pulling over to fix it. That means changing a tire in the middle of the road. That scenario has caused a few problems.

The State of Wyoming has discussed making 287 four-lane or at least making it wider, in an attempt to make it less of a death trap.

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