Some of the greatest old radio treasures from way back when would be lost were it not for the internet reviving them.

Audio from an old Western called Fort Laramie, produced by CBS Radio and starring Raymond Burr as Captain Lee Quince is now on YouTube as well as websites that host hold old radio broadcasts. 

The original series aired Sunday afternoons at 5:30 pm ET back in 1956. There are 41 episodes in all for your listening pleasure.

The series was produced by Norman Macdonnell and, with some incredibly well-written dialog and sound effects, depicted life at old Fort Laramie.

The star of the show, Raymond Burr played Lee Quince, captain of the cavalry. The radio series only ran for one year. After it ended Burr landed the role on television as Perry Mason.

Supporting regulars included Vic Perrin as Sgt. Gorse, Harry Bartell as the slightly green Lt. Seiberts and Jack Moyles as Major Daggett. Heard on a more irregular basis were Howard McNear as Pliny the fort sutler, Sam Edwards as Trooper Harrison, and in a variety of roles, such actors as John Dehner, John McIntire, Virginia Gregg, James Nusser, Parley Baer and Barney Phillips. Amerigo Marino supplied the music. The scripts were mostly written by John Meston, Kathleen Hite, Les Crutchfield and John Dunkel.

Click the names above and read a long list of actors that went on to movies and TV shows you've probably seen. Most of them went on to great things.

What is rather interesting is that Fort Laramie, the radio show, was so short lived that many of the actors, listed above, do not have the show listed in their credits, even though they played a role on the show.

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