I asked Don Day, of Day Weather, what the odds are of a White Christmas in Wyoming in 2019. He asked me to define what I meant by "White Christmas."

If by that, I meant snow that was already on the ground, that would mean that most of Wyoming will have a White Christmas... If I meant that it will snow on Christmas Day, that's an entirely different story.

There will be some snow falling across Wyoming on Christmas Day - where you are depends on how much of it you will get.

Areas around Rawlins, Casper, Gillette, Buffalo, and Sheridan are currently showing a 50% chance.

Douglas and Wheatland, down to Chugwater and Cheyenne, will probably be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 40's.

Partly cloudy and 35F for Laramie. But go west to Rock Springs, and the temperature drops and the chance of snow increases quite a bit.

Jackson will get some snow Tuesday, partly cloudy on Wednesday.

41F and party cloudy for Cody on Christmas Day.




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