The "Do Not Call" list was the massive flop most of us knew it would be. Yet another government program and promise to fix a problem that flopped.

That leaves us still stuck with the problem of Robocalls.

As usual, the free market comes to us with many ideas to try - and a few of them will actually work.

One new idea comes from a company called DoNotPay . They just released a new product called Robo Revenge. With Robo Revenge you can trap the call - THEN SUE THEM.

Here is how it works: Sign up. You get a burner credit card. Each time you get an unsolicited call, just pretend to be interested and use the card to "pay." As soon as you "pay" Robo Revenge has the information they need to trace who called you.

That is when the trap is sprung. The company instantly sues them on your behalf, for up to $3,000 per call under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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