This year's Cheyenne Frontier Days goers will be able to post and tweet faster than ever before.

Grounds Chairman Bill McInerney says they've added a new cell tower disguised as an old-fashioned water tower on the north side of Frontier Park.

"AT&T came to us with that idea and we embraced that with open arms," said McInerney.

McInerney says the 40 by 40 foot structure, which towers about 75 feet in the air, has been the talk of the town.

"You can see it from the Interstate so it's drawing a lot of talk from people around the community," said McInerney. "They think that it's a great addition to our park."

"I don't know how much bandwidth that we increased by, but I would say it's pretty significant," he added. "There's about eight repeaters that are up there."

McInerney says Verizon has also put in boosters throughout B and C stands so visitors can enjoy improved cell service.

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