The financial website ''Wallethub" says Wyoming has the sixth-fewest coronavirus restrictions in the country out of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The survey looked at such factors as requirements to wear a facemask in public, where the state had the 16th fewest restrictions, and travel restrictions, where Wyoming was ranked as the sixth-least-restrictive state.

The Cowboy State was one of the few states to never impose a Shelter in place order and had the second-fewest restrictions in terms of reopening non-essential businesses, according to the Wallethub survey.

Overall, the survey found that South Dakota had the fewest restrictions in the country as of Monday, followed by Wisconsin, Idaho, Missouri, Utah, and Wyoming.

Ilinois had the most restriction according to the survey, followed by Rhode Island and the District of Columbia. You can see the full survey here.

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