During the first phase of the eclipse, a visible object crossed in front of the Sun, it was not the moon, it was the International Space Station. It was uniquely visible from the state of Wyoming, according to Smarter Every Day.

Destin Sandlin, the host of the You Tube channel, Smarter Every Day, traveled all the way to Wyoming to see the eclipse because he and a buddy figured out that from there they could see something that could not be seen in any other state.

The entire eclipse was a three-hour event. The moment of totality only lasts 2.5 minutes. While totality is an amazing event, there is a lot to see during that long transit time.

Call it a "Three Clips" because you can see three objects at once. As the Moon crossed in front of the Sun, so did the International Space Station.

Amerter Every Day chose to set up in Crowheart, Wyoming as the best point to see the transit of the space station. They were gained special permission to view the event from a ranch in the middle of an Indian reservation where not many people are allowed to visit.

Folks in Glendo were also able to see the transit of that space station as well, but Crowheart was considered the best place to witness the crossing, according to the math.

Anyone outside of Wyoming would not be able to see the station transit during the eclipse because of the time and angle of the eclipse in their corresponding area.

So chalk one up for our state, we had something extra to our eclipse that no one else got to see.

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