The Fort Bridger Mountain Man Rendezvous is a mountain man rendezvous in celebration of the Fur Trade Rendezvous Era that occurred in the Rocky Mountains between 1825-1840. It is one of the largest mountain man gatherings in the nation.

It is held annually, first week of September.

Here are a few videos we found of the 2018 gathering.


  • 1

    A Family Gathers

    A good time to teach the children.

  • 2

    They Come From A Long Line

    This young couple comes from a long line of mountain people. (Scroll into the video past them having fun with their kids at home to get to the best of it).

  • 3

    Music, Food & History

    Learn where it all came from.

  • 4

    The Old Mountain Man Talks

    Hear what the old guy has to say about the event and the history.

  • 5

    Crowd Surfing

    Dive into the people and see what you get.

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