The Laramie County Sheriff's Office says it has received some reports of a mountain lion roaming around in the county northeast of Cheyenne.

According to a department Facebook post, the cat was spotted in the 1500 block of County Road 136.

Google Maps
Google Maps

"If this mountain lion is spotted please call the Laramie County Combined Communications Center at 307-637-6524 or Wyoming Game and Fish via Wyoming Highway Patrol dispatch at 307-777-4321," the post reads.

While the sightings have not been confirmed, Game and Fish Public Information Specialist Robin Kepple says it is not uncommon for mountain lions to wander down out of the mountains and into towns.

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"Watch your pets, like small dogs and cats," she said. "Fortunately, with weather like this, they're probably inside anyway, but just watch them, and if you do see (the mountain lion) give us a call and avoid getting close to it."

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