When I first saw this quiz on Facebook I thought, 'you have got to be kidding, everybody knows where Devil's tower is!'

But then I realized, before I moved to Wyoming, I had no idea.

To me, Devil's tower was something I saw in the Close Encounters movie. I knew they had mentioned where the tower was located during the movie. But I forgot what they had said.

So for people outside of this region of the country, it's not so obvious.

A while ago I came across a video of young people arguing about where Mount Rushmore was located.

WORSE YET - this guy goes around asking people what COUNTRY Mount Rushmore is located in. It would sicken you to find out how many people have NO idea.

Okay so maybe the location of Devil's Towner is only obvious to the people who live in that region of America.

Many have never heard of it.

If you've never been out there then you've seen it in a movie, and that's about it.

Is it so shocking that some people don't even know where Wyoming is? It might be if you live in Wyoming. But if I were to mention other states, without giving you a map, could you picture where every state is? Probably not.

I bet there are landmarks in most states that you've never heard of.

Okay, so you get the point.

But I would say that there are certain national landmarks that we should all know.

Try the quiz in the video below and see how you do.

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