If you missed The Morning Zone Program this morning, you missed a very compelling discussion with a Senior at Central High School here in Cheyenne, LCSD#1 who has come fourth to share her story of chronic, long-term bullying to which she has been subject since being a student at Johnson Junior High school and it has consistently become worse as this school year has progressed. She was accompanied by her mother and father who are professional here in Cheyenne. They, too shared their stories. Bottom line, this young lady and her family has tried, and tried on numerous occasions to get this problem resolved through the administrations at both Johnson and Central and through three different district superintendents, unfortunately, to no avail. Now, after a meeting today with the administration at Central High School, this young lady and her family apparently have been told that, bottom line, the school and district are unable to assure her safety from the bullies who have gone so far as trying to run her off the road after school, as well. The school's only solution was to suggest that she become a "homebound" student and finish her senior year at Central, primarily from home. This while the bullies are allowed to continue attending classes in the school. Here is this morning's conversation from the 9 O'clock hour in The Morning Zone. (Click on the player to listen)