Cheyenne Police have released more details on a Thursday night armed standoff that left a 23 year old Cheyenne man dead.

Police spokesman Kevin Malatesta says police were called to 215 Stinson Avenue shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday after someone reported a woman had been seen running from the residence and that the man who lived at the home had a gun.

Malatesta says police learned 23 year old Saige Hack was the only person who lived at the address. He says as officers approached the home, Hack opened the front door and shot at police with a pistol. He says police returned fire and saw Hack go back inside.

Malatesta says neither police officer was hit in the exchange, and it isn't known whether any of the shots they fired hit Hack. He also says it's not clear why Hack started shooting at police.

The police SWAT team was then called to the scene, according to Malatesta, and negotiators tried tried to talk to Hack but got no reply. After police got a search warrant, the SWAT team went inside the home and found Hack not moving. He says paramedics tried to resuscitate  Hack, but weren't able to do so. Hack was declared dead at the scene.

Because the incident involved police firing their weapons, the case is being investigated by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. One thing that still has to be determined is exactly how Hack died, according to Malatesta.

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