Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr on Friday said she would like to see the Wyoming Legislature approve at least some form of limited legalized gambling.

The mayor says a proposal to legalize gambling will be looked at by state lawmakers as an interim study topic over the next few months. She said if the Legislature were to approve legalized gambling, she might support putting a proposal to legalize gambling locally before the voters at some point. Orr said her personal preference would be to limit gambling to either downtown Cheyenne of the city's historic districts

She made the comments on the KGAB morning show Friday morning, as she took almost an hour of questions from listeners. She also discussed the possibility of a new roundabout in the Whitney Road/Dell Range Boulevard area.

On another topic, she said that while she hasn't heard much from the Cheyenne Board Of Public Utilities [BOPU] on any move to remove fluoride from the public water supply, she thinks the city water supply is very high quality and adding fluoride is very inexpensive.

The mayor also said another roundabout is currently under consideration for the Whitney Road area, but added engineers studying the issue currently have some disagreements on the best approach to handling traffic in that area.

You can hear the mayor's comments on on all of the issues raised by listeners with the video attached to this article.

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