Thanks to the generosity of the Cheyenne community, a senior citizen who had his mobility scooter stolen in mid-March now has a new set of wheels.

Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Don Hollingshead says there was an outpouring of donations after the department posted information about the theft on its Facebook page.

"It was a mobility scooter that he used to be able to go into businesses and stuff from his vehicle, but (thanks to) the public's generosity we were able to get the guy a new scooter," said Hollingshead.

Hollingshead says they're still looking for whoever stole the man's scooter, which is a red Rally with an NRA sticker above the headlight.

"We would love to find that individual," said Hollingshead.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Deputy Yocum at (307) 633-4851 or Crime Stoppers Silent Witness at (307) 638-TIPS.

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