By now you would think that people would've learned that you should NEVER touch or take a wild animal, let nature take it's course. If the animal is not acting normal or sick, it's best to alert Game & Fish, not take matters into your own hands.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide did a report on a Florida man living and working in the Jackson area was near the National Elk Refuge when he came across a lone Bighorn Lamb. The man thought the lamb was acting "funky",  then thought it was a good idea to take the lamb. According to News & Guide, he said he was going to take the lamb to Wyoming Game & Fish but there was no one there so he took it to his living quarters when his friends said he should take it back. In the story, Game Warden Kyle Lash said the man had the lamb with him for about an hour and a half before taking the lamb back to the same area.

Original reports said the man took the lamb to "impress" his friends, but luckily for him he had video to show the Warden that show otherwise. Lash, said after an investigation he didn't find the man was doing wrong on purpose, just thought he was doing a good deed.

News & Guide reports they talked to the man and the only thing he said is that he lost his job and housing after taking the Bighorn sheep home.

He wasn't charged with a crime, but I sure hope he learned a lesson. It's in many people's DNA to want to help animals that seem like they're sick or in distress, but you shouldn't touch, take or harass the animal. Heather O'Brien on the Game & Fish website says:

If you see an animal that appears to be injured, do not approach or try to capture the animal as it can be dangerous for both you and the animal. The best first step is to call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at 1-877-WGFD-TIP. A dispatcher is available 24 hours a day and will contact a biologist or game warden in your area. You will be asked to describe the situation in detail and may be contacted by the assigned officer to provide further information.

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