Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says she's hoping a continuing resolution  approved by the U.S. House Wednesday will reduce the impact of sequestration cuts on F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

The Continuing Resolution Act of 2013 renews federal funding set to expire on March 27 and also offers federal agencies some flexibility in how they spend money, allowing them to prioritize funding for more essential programs. Lummis says that is why she is hopeful F.E. Warren will not see as much impact as feared under sequestration because as a nuclear missile base it is considered to have a "critical mission" in terms of national defense.

Lummis also says that while it's not clear at this point how much effect the sequestration cuts will have on civilian jobs at the base, she's hoping that impact will be less than had been feared, although she does admit "it's possible" the cuts will have a major impact in that regard.. She adds the impact on civilian jobs "is something we want to monitor" at F.E. Warren and similar military installations. The act still is awaiting action by the senate.