Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis is accusing house leaders of "making up the rules as we go along" to fit a political agenda that doesn't benefit Wyoming.

Lummis says she recently voted against a proposal to bring a trade bill to the house floor because the bill doesn't do anything to open up foreign markets to Wyoming products. Lummis says she especially is interested in opening markets in southeast Asia to Wyoming beef, but also says trona and other Wyoming products could benefit from trade legislation.

But she says she doesn't see any such benefits in the latest trade bill.

Lummis is also unhappy that congress isn't restoring that state's share of Abandoned Mine Lands--or AML-funding that was slashed in recent years.

Wyoming's AML funding was cut in part because critics said the state wasn't using the money to restore abandoned mine lands, but rather was funneling most of the money to various projects at the University of Wyoming and elsewhere that didn't have anything to do with the intended purpose of the program..

Lummis points out Wyoming was the only state to have it's AML funding cut.