Ghost towns really fascinate me. I could personally explore or watch other people explore these untouched pieces of our American history for hours on end. It just blows my mind that people would pick up and leave a town. It's forgotten history and it's awesome to see different things uncovered from people who don't exist anymore. Where did their legacy go? What happened to the people that left these towns? Did they go to the next town that became another abandoned mining town? Who knows. There is probably a good chance of it.

There is a YouTube channel called The Wyoming Project that explores a lot of Wyoming. The particular video I found, the YouTuber goes through a ghost town called Kirwin Wyoming. He explained it's in Wind River, outside of Meeteetse.  An old abandoned mining town in a gorgeous area.

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A quick Google search of Kirwin brought up a connection to Amelia Earhart. Apparently, the former navigator was building a cabin in Kirwin before she disappeared. That makes this ghost town that much more eerie, right? I wasn't even trying to tie anything supernatural to this, but here we are.

Anyways, here's the video if you'd like to check out the YouTuber's experience in Kirwin. It looks awesome and is a place that I'd love to get the opportunity to explore. It seems that a lot of hunters love this area as he mentions there are a lot of elk hunters in the area. It's pretty remote, so I'd say that it's a good spot.

Well, I'm ready to go exploring now.

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