You may have noticed that there's been some construction happening over the past few months for a new car wash in south Cheyenne. Now, that new Breeze Thru Car Wash is open and fully operational and you can check out the look of the new establishment.

The new spot is located at 311 S. Greeley in south Cheyenne, just to the south of Sonic. As of about 11 a.m. this morning (January 11th), they are offering free car washes. After the winter we have had so far, there's definitely plenty of vehicles in need of a good wash.

From first hand experience, I can tell you that the wash lives up to its name with efficient service. It seems like no time at all passes as you go through it in a 'breeze', complete with automatic dryers to finish off the process as you exit the car wash tunnel. Check out what the new location looks like...

S. Greeley Breeze Thru Car Wash

Today (January 11th) happens to be their grand opening as they posted on their Facebook page.

You'll notice there is some outer construction getting finalized as they put on the finishing touches, but the car wash and vacuums are fully functional and efficient.

Another perk of the new Breeze Thru Car Wash is getting another spot to use your Unlimited Wash Pass as they can be used at all locations. The new Breeze Thru Car Wash in south Cheyenne is the third in the capital city and 12th location overall, with their nine others in northern Colorado.

And as mentioned, go there now, while you can, and take advantage of that free car wash!

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