The sun rose a bright, scarlet red this morning. In a post early this a.m., the National Weather Service of Cheyenne described today's forecast as "it will seem like the sun is 'cooking' us from a close distance." If that doesn't;t seem foreboding enough, smoke poured over the horizon, carrying with it the burning scent of fires.

Where is the Smoke Covering Cheyenne and Laramie Coming From?

Late summer is prime fire season. Unfortunately, many states are seeing dry conditions and hot weather, leading to worsened fire conditions.

The smoke that continues to blanket Cheyenne comes from fires burning in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and California. Thankfully, Wyoming remains largely without fires, excluding the Corral Fire that remains controlled up to this point in Grand Teton.

How Dangerous is the Smoke Around SE Wyoming?

The NWS of Cheyenne indicates that smoke will continue to filter across Wyoming and over Cheyenne and Laramie throughout the day. However, the air quality in SE Wyoming remains relatively safe to breathe, according to the website that monitors fire smoke and air quality conditions. The website indicates that Cheyenne and Laramie currently have "moderate" air quality; individuals with breathing conditions or increased sensitivity to air pollution should keep their activities indoors and reduce time spent outside.

Northern Wyoming, including the city of Jackson, will face worse air quality conditions ranging into the "unhealthy" levels. Individuals in these areas should avoid spending time outside.

Will the Smoke Around Cheyenne and Laramie Stick Around?

Chances are there will be smoke filtering through the region until wildfires die down. According to NWS Cheyenne, folks should "Expect hazy skies and reduced air quality at least through tomorrow as the smoke gets stuck under the persistent ridge responsible for near record highs the last few days."

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